Family Supporters
Please take a minute to look into each one of the following organizations and websites. Each one of these people has become part of our family as well as a huge part of Kristin’s life. If you are looking to help with anything at all, please contact one of the following. They put their lives on hold for our daughter and were always there beside us. We owe our life to each and every one of them. Support the people who have supported us for so long.  
Thank you, Love and God Bless!

  1. ABT Tattoo- Todo, Denise and Kailee

  1. Eleven Standing Still- Chuck, Jamie, Jonathan, and Rob

  1. N-Tune Magazine- Sandee Clarke and Melanie Harris

  1. Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation- Mary Campbell

6065 Roswell Rd. Suite 505
Atlanta, Ga. 30328-4015
Phone: 404-252-4107

  1. Solid Rock Baptist Church- Mike, Cindy Franklin and Family

8111 Brown Bridge Road
Covington, Ga. 30014-3070
Phone: 770-784-0982

  1. Farm 4 Jesus- Jason, Kerri, Megan, Caitlyn Chapman

201 Ashwood Drive
Mansfield, Ga. 30055
Phone: 912-222-6027


  1. Caldwell and Cowan Funeral Home- Judson Caldwell, Kari Saunchegraw, Jennifer Jarvis, Crystal Wilson

1215 Access Road
Covington, Ga. 30014
Phone: 770-786-7062

  1. Robert and Suzanne Johnson